Craftyscrappers Granular texture pastes by Archana sehgal are water based and adds a fabulous layer of three dimensional effect,
to any craft project. These Pastes are the first products, launched in INDIA .

Use stencils for defined shapes and designs and apply directly with a palette knife for free hand shapes and textures.
These granular texture pastes can be tinted with any kind of inks available when wet.
The surface is paintable after the granular texture paste is dry with acrylic paints, inks and other color mediums.


  • After opening the seal, use the “pick” to mix well all the pastes,then use the “spatula” to spread the paste over your craft projects.
  • Close the lid of these pastes tightly, to avoid drying.
  • Clean up with soap and water when wet.
  • Dries with a wonderful granular texture.




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